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Merchlet Shipping Policy

When will my items ship?

This is a common question and we completely understand!  

All shops on Merchlet strive to ship products as soon as possible.  Items ship from warehouses and shipping locations throughout the United States and all locations are subject to delays due to local restrictions or challenges with elements outside of the sellers’ control (for example: weather, pandemic issues, and other disasters or crises that affect shipping).

Digital Products: Since digital products do not have a physical process, you should receive your digital product within moments of purchase.  Please allow up to 1 hour for any products delivered via email or a 3rd party tool.  

In stock (non-custom) items:  Unless otherwise listed on a product page or shop terms page, in stock items should ship within 1-5 business days.  Shipping time will vary based on the shipping method selected.  In stock items should arrive within 14 days when there are no shipping delays.

In stock (custom) items: In-stock custom items will vary in the time it takes to create the product.  We encourage shop owners to include these times for your information prior to purchase.  Please feel free to reach out to shop owners prior to a purchase if the processing or shipping times are unclear.  Generally, custom items listed as “in stock” should arrive within 30-45 days (frequently much sooner).  Please verify shipping times by checking the listing and/or contacting shop owners directly regarding specific products.

Backordered/pre-ordered items:  If you order an item that is backordered or is a pre-order item, the estimated date of delivery should be listed on the product page.  Shop owners should keep you updated on any delays or additional information as it becomes available.  Due to logistical issues reported worldwide, there are no guaranteed processing or delivery times on backordered or pre-ordered items.  

*Please note: each shipping company has specific requirements for reporting missing or lost packages.  Many shipping companies require the customer to handle inquiries due to privacy concerns.  Shop owners will do their best to work with you, but everyone is at the mercy of the delivery companies.

Before contacting Merchlet with any issues, double-check any item-specific information or shop-specific information.  If you still have not received an item after purchase and you believe it has met the time-frame, reach out to the shop owner.  If you are still unable to resolve the issue, submit a support ticket HERE.