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About Merchlet

Welcome to the Merchlet Marketplace!  

Merchlet is the result of the pain and suffering the creators (Kim and Crisi) found while selling on other platforms.

Increases in seller costs, policy violations that were not really policy violations, insensitive seller support (or none at all), and plenty of other painful realizations of a marketplace pointed us in the direction of creating our own.

A Home For Buyers & Sellers

Unlike large, publicly traded marketplaces, we are privately owned and operated.

Any publicly traded company has an obligation to stock holders, which automatically puts their goals at odds (unless their only goal is to make money).

A Marketplace that claims to be seller-friendly or buyer-friendly, but also has stock holders has a conflict. Such businesses constantly try to balance the goals while optimizing profits.

The Merchlet markeplace can truly stand by our mission of connecting honorable sellers with buyers looking for quality products at reasonable prices. Why? Simply because we don’t have to focus on “profits”. Instead, we can focus on what matters most – the connections!

By using advanced technology, we can help sellers work efficiently and minimize costs. Buyers can rest-assured they buy from real sellers providing real (and quality) products. Since we’re owned by real people and not a corporation, we also provide customer service for BOTH sellers and buyers.

Advantages for Sellers

One of the main advantages of the Merchlet marketplace for sellers is the ability to run your business.

Instead of worrying about policies that make no sense or are applied unfairly, Merchlet personnel work with sellers to ensure they sell permitted, quality items.

Sellers can make Merchlet their home for their products. With software automations, sellers can build their business and connect with business-building solutions such as email marketing, integrations with other marketplaces, and connections with solutions such as print on demand resources.

Training: All sellers get free access to training. Whether you need help with setting up your shop on Merchlet, connecting with other marketplaces, or you need business training and guidance – we have a large selection of training offered completely free for sellers.

More Product Options: Most marketplaces permit sellers to have single listing pages. Sometimes, sellers get creative and figure out ways to offer bundles or upsells – but this tends to mess with search capability on the platform. When you pay for a listing, why can’t you offer the full set of products you want to offer?

Well, Merchlet lets sellers offer a variety of options to sell products in a single listing.

Plenty of Variations: most sellers don’t need a lot of variations. Size and color might be all you need – and some marketplaces restrict you to just 2 variations. If you need more than that – Merchlet has you covered!

Advantages for Buyers

Buyers on the Merchlet Marketplace have the distinct advantage of quality customer services.  Since Merchlet actually works with sellers, we can stand behind customer service to you from vendors!  Unlike other marketplaces, we know who is selling on our platform.  

While we do not enforce a specific return policy, we do encourage buyers and sellers to work together to resolve problems.  Buyers can rest assured that Merchlet will protect buyers from predatory sellers.  We do this through up front interviews and verification processes with sellers, and then we will review cases that fall outside of refund policies.